Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday, Chloe!

My baby girl turned 3 today. Wow. Just... WOW!

We celebrated at the water park!  Chloe really got into the lazy river this year:

Chase and I had a great time going around it, too.  We got WET!

After the water park we went back to their dad's house for pizza, cake, ice cream and presents.  Chloe wasn't in the best of moods at first (her pout rivals mine!)...

...but she got over it when we started ripping into presents:

After that it was time for CAKE!  Now, you know every year I attempt to make cute birthday cupcakes for the kids.  Some years I am more successful than others.  This year I am happy to report that Chloe chose a pretty easy design and it came together pretty well:

Chase picked out the "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" candles, so she had a lot of candles to blow out this year (Chase helped)!

Mmmmmm.... CAKE!

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!  Here's to many more!


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