Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Big 4-0!

Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!  I turned the big 4-0 yesterday.  So I had to celebrate!

Katie and Ashlyn came for the weekend to celebrate with me, and we did a family-friendly karaoke party with my dear friend Celeste and her kiddos!

Then we went home for CAKE!

(My kids helped with the candles!)

Of course we had to FaceTime my mom because it was her birthday, too, and it's tradition!  We were really rushed for time so I didn't get the photos I wanted to, but my mom got this cute one of Chloe from her end of the screen:

After that Chase went to his BFF's for a sleepover so the girls got pampered!

Then we rushed home to get ready for an adult night out.  We went to dinner and then to Travis Wall's "Shaping Sound" show, which was great!

Forty, shmorty!  I love my life!

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