Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! We sure did!

As many of you know, I find it's my motherly duty every year to make the kids' Halloween costumes, and every year I pray they don't ask for something outside of my skill set!  Chloe wanted to be a horse (doable), and Chase wanted to be a werewolf, which was a little tougher.  I managed, though!

Chloe ended up winning a costume contest for her age group at Chase's school's fall festival, which was pretty cool.

I also made my own costume this year.  With my limited budget I decided to be a "bag lady" and make my costume out of bags I already had at home.  I started with this:

...and ended with this:

...complete with a bag headband and bag earrings...

...and little bags on my shoes!

That costume made it through three parties.  I was pretty impressed!  I also went to the House of Torment with my friend Leticia.  It was amazing!  It was scary, but also really impressive from a production standpoint.  I met a cute guy there, too:


The kids and I also made some fun chocolatey skeleton finger treats this week:

... and carved pumpkins, of course!

We bought our pumpkins late (October 29th) and got these huge ones for just $5 each!  Can't beat it!  The kids hate touching the "guts," but they did OK:

All in all, they had a fun time:

As I was carving Chase's creation, Chloe was going to town with the sharpie on hers.  When I heard the big announcement, "Mom!  I'm ready for you to cut mine now!" I looked over to find this:

OK....  I may be talented, but I'm not that talented.  I asked her what her favorite parts were and she said the hearts.  So I did hearts:

Hey, it was late and I was tired, OK??  She was happy and that's all that matters... right?

Chase's was much more doable:

Happy Halloween!

P.S.  More photos are in our Photo Album if you're interested!


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