Saturday, September 28, 2013

Jumpy Day!

I wore these kids OUT today!

Chase has been missing his friends from Killeen so we invited his BFF Adara down to visit.  Chase wanted to take her (and her brother and mom, of course) to his favorite pizza place, Austin's Pizza.  Afterwards we went to Jumpoline and the kids spent 2 hours jumping and running around.

They also had fun playing the games there:

After that we had dinner and headed out to the birthday party of one of Chase's new classmates, which was held at a gymnastics studio.  Once again they jumped and ran around everywhere!

I also discovered my daughter has balance!  Click the thumbnail to view the video.  We're still working on her dismount (lol):

 video 0928131804_zps37f23dc3.mp4

Needless to say, they crashed when we got home.  Phew!  What a fun and exciting day!


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