Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring Break

We had a lot of fun on Spring Break this year!  The big thing we did was take a ride on the Austin Steam Train!  Chase had his classroom "pet," Hooie, with him all week.  He was instructed to take him on adventures and document his journey with pictures and journal entries.

We went on a little adventure through the entire train and this was a fun find!

Hooie almost got left behind at a restaurant where we stopped, but we remembered just in time and were able to rescue him before the train departed.  Phew!

Other than that, Chloe helped me in the kitchen this week...

...and both kids helped me paint!  It was time to paint all the trim and doors in the upstairs hall/living area this time.

We also took Hooie to see "Cinderella."  This picture was taken before the movie, while all the old versions played on screen:

Looks like Hooie had a good week... and so did we!


Saturday, March 7, 2015

Exploring UT

Today UT was having a huge "Explore UT" open house with tons of free activities for the family, so we decided to check it out!

The kids picked a lot of activities to do, and they allowed me to choose one, too: A backstage tour of Bass Concert Hall.  It was very cool and the kids loved it, too.

I didn't realize how many cool sculptures were around campus.  This was one of my favorites:


Chloe found this one, of course (she's such a horse lover)!

That sculpture just happened to be in one of their computer science buildings, and the kids got sucked right into this fun interactive game room, which was not on the original itinerary but kept them entertained for a long time!

They loved the giant iPad...

...and this cool game where their hand was the controller:

Before we left I had to get this shot and send it to their dad, the die-hard Mizzou fan.  I'm so nice!

He responded that they were no longer welcome in his house (ha ha), and the kids were quick to say it was all my fault.  Apparently I "made" them do it.  Whatever.  They look pretty tortured, don't they?  Uh huh....  That's what I thought.

At any rate, it was fun to explore the campus a little and talk to them about college life.  It's never too early to get kids geared up for higher education!


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Little Ham!

Chase was in his first musical tonight and this theatre mama couldn't have been more proud!  I even got to make his costume.  He was Curly the Pig in E-I-E-I-Oops! and he fully embraced his character:

He was one of the chosen few to have a speaking part and he did so well!  Here's a little video clips of one of his speaking parts:

And then they busted out some serious dance moves and he totally cracked me up!  He is on the left, behind the mic (light pink belly):

He had so much fun with it.  He's definitely my child!

Oink Oink!

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