Monday, July 11, 2016

Conversations With a 6-Year-Old: Motivational Speaker

Chloe, trying to motivate me to get out of bed this morning:

CHLOE: You are strong! You are worthy!

ME: Ooh, I like that! Where'd you hear that?

CHLOE: I just made it up.

I have a future motivational speaker on my hands over here, folks!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Happy 6th Birthday, Chloe!

Chloe's actual birthday was June 30th, but we had to have her big birthday party later due to the timing of our vacation and the 4th of July.

On her actual birthday we went to the water park and then did a family dinner at Gattiland, per her request:

And of course she got to open her birthday gift (experience, per tradition) from me!

She is super excited!

She had a Pokemon themed birthday party, so I got to make another fun cake (also per tradition)!

She had fun opening her presents...

...and SWIMMING!  It gave her a chance to really have some fun with that new waterproof camera Grandma and Grandpa K gave her!

And of course you can't forget her boyfriend Mason!


Our friends Katie and Ashlyn came to visit for the weekend so they could come to the party, so we busted out the water balloons...

...and the girls played Just Dance on the XBOX (yes, Katie and me included):

Chase went to a friend's house one night, so we just had to have a girls nite!  We decided to hit the water park for family night, where they had fireworks!  We got the girls to go down water slides with us, and when Katie and I teamed up on a double tube there was no stopping us... literally!  We were going so fast we crashed into the end of the pool and Katie catapulted out of the front of the tube!  Luckly we're tough and everyone survived.  The girls were completely oblivious.  Haha!

Before Katie and Ashlyn left, the girls headed to Charming Charlie's, where my little birthday diva just had to model some accessories for me:

Six?  Really??  *sigh*

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Road Trip Part 4: Mackinac Island!

While we were in Michigan, we took a little mini road trip (within our mega road trip!) to Mackinac Island.  This time my dad got to drive (phew)!

We needed a break so we stopped for a picnic lunch (this photo was also taken by Chloe, with her new camera!):

We stayed in St. Ignace for the night and had fun swimming in the hotel pool:

The next day we took the ferry to the island...

...which took us under the Mackinaw bridge!

When we got there we hopped on a carriage tour...

...which stopped at the Grand Hotel stables, which was cool:

And of course the kids wanted "souvenirs:"

Then we hit up For Mackinaw!

We ate there, which was fun.  Grandma and Grandpa had cool hats on...

So I had to try to be cool, too:

The gift shops turned out to be fun places to explore, too!

And of course no trip to Mackinac Island is complete without fudge....

Some chocolate was (and I never thought I'd hear myself say this) too good to eat....

I hadn't been to Mackinac Island in a really long time, so it was cool to revisit it with family, and spend more time with my beautiful niece Rhianna.  The whole trip was truly a treat!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Road Trip Part 3: Michigan!

The last leg of our journey to Michigan was on Father's Day!

We walked right into a family dinner when we got there, which was a wonderful welcome!  I know my dad loved having so many grandkids there to celebrate the day!

We got to hang out with family we hadn't seen in a long time, and the cousins had fun bonding at the splash pad:

We also went to a sweet little children's museum...

...and piddled around town looking for my school mascots:

The kids loved my parents' dog so they just had to talk her for a walk with Grandma!

One really exciting thing about the trip was that my niece Rhianna flew in to spend a few days with us, and we hadn't seen her in years!  Her plane was delayed so we had some time to kill in Lansing.  We stopped by a bookstore, where Chase flipped out when he saw this coloring book:

That's my boy!

Then the girls just had to stop by DSW a couple doors down!  Chloe picked out these shoes for us to try on.  The girl has taste!  Fabulous!

And then we had some fun with hats:

After picking up Rhianna we headed home and it was time for a big summer birthday party, where I got a little glimpse of what will soon be my new T-shirt quilt!

That photo was taken by Chloe with the new camera Grandma and Grandpa got her!

While in Michigan we also got to attend my niece Courtney's baby shower, just the girls:

Within this big road trip of ours, we took another little road trip, to Mackinac Island!  That will get its own post ("Road Trip Part 4"), but on the way there we stopped at a fun donut place that I just had to share with you.  It was called "Cops & Doughnuts," and we had way too much fun taking photos there!  Here you go!

(Those shorts say "D.W.I: Doughnuts Were Involved."  And yes, I bought them.)

And this photo of my mom is the best!!!!

It was such a fun time.  The drive home to Texas felt way longer than the drive up north, but we finally made it back home:

Phew!  We survived the drive!  What a great trip it turned out to be!