Saturday, August 17, 2013

Summer Fun (Part 2)!

Sadly, summer is almost over. I have one more week of teacher in-service before everyone goes back to school. Since my last post we have been busy! Before the move, we had to get together with our Killeen friends! The kids enjoyed their friend Nathan's birthday party:

I said goodbye to many of my Killeen friends at a Painting With a Twist party!

Behold....  My masterpiece!

I spent time in San Antonio with my dear friend Katie, and made good use of her pool!

I also saw my friend Luc in his production of South Pacific:

THEN....  I bought a house!

That started the Austin moving adventure.  The kids were really excited (as was I!):

Chase helped me paint before we moved in.  He was SO excited to help, but after about 20 minutes he was like, "Yeah....  This isn't so fun after all."  Ha ha!  Thank goodness I had the iPad to entertain him so I could get it done myself!

Our new neighborhood has a pool, which we have had some fun at:

And this weekend we checked out the Austin Ice Cream Festival:

We are all really excited about our new home, and look forward to new experiences down here!


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