Saturday, January 23, 2016

Conversations with a 5- and 9-Year-Old: All About Mom

I saw this on Facebook and just had to try it.  Enjoy!

"Without ANY prompting, ask your kids these questions. Its a great way to see what they think."

Results... with my thoughts on their answers in italics:

1. What is something I always say to you? "I love you" (unanimous)


2. What makes me happy? "Boom Boom" (my cat), "when we listen to directions"


3. What makes me sad? "When we don't listen" (Chase), and then Chloe added "It makes me feel sad for other people when they feel sad for us."

I have no idea what Chloe is talking about.  Not so sure she does, either.

4. How do I make you laugh? "By being funny" (Chloe), "When you say 'Don't laugh' in your serious voice" (Chase).

Hey.  Don't laugh.

5. What was I like as a child? "Funny and silly" (Chloe), "You wanted everything and said everything was yours, like 'That's mine! That's mine! Oh yeah, and that's mine!'" (Chase)

Wow, this is so telling.  I am pretty territorial about my space and my stuff.  Ha ha!

6. How old am I? 38

Nailed it.

7. How tall am I? 5' 3" (Chloe deferred to Chase on this one)

Nope.  5'8"

8. What is my favorite thing to do? "talk on the phone" (Chloe), "have fun with your children" (Chase)

I hate talking on the phone.

9. What do I do when you're not around? "watch TV," "work," "draw"

Draw?  Ha ha!  They apparently think I'm pretty tame.  Hilarious.  Makes me wonder what my tame mom really did when I wasn't around.  Food for thought.

10. What am I really good at? "ballet" (Chloe), "theatre" (both)

I used to be decent at ballet.  I'm glad she's impressed with my tendus in the kitchen.

11. What is something I'm not good at? "Geometry Dash"

It's a game they both play.  It's true.  I suck.

12. What do I do for a job? "theatre"

They got half of it!

13. What is my favorite food? "donuts and carrots" (Chloe), "oatmeal" (Chase)

I do not eat donuts and carrots together, just to clarify.

14. What do you enjoy doing with me? "coloring" (Chloe), "having fun" (Chase)

Me too.

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