Sunday, July 24, 2016

Fun With Katie & Ashlyn!

Our friends Katie and Ashlyn came to visit for the weekend!

We had to go to the water park...

...and eat cotton candy:

We went downtown to see Shrek: The Musical at Zilker Hillside Theatre:

And the next morning we just had to get donuts!

We had lots of fun going out, but we also had a great time just staying in:

Friends are forever!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Swim with the Dolphins!

This year Chloe's birthday "experience" from Mom was to swim with the dolphins!  So we headed to Sea World:

We started our day with a healthy breakfast (donuts, of course!)

Chloe gets to go to Sea World a lot because her dad has season passes, so I let her take the lead.  We started on a cute little Shamu roller coaster:

...and then my baby girl said, "Mom!  Let's go on that one!"

Yes.... The big one behind us.  I thought for sure she was mistaken... that as soon as we got up to it she would say, "Wait....  I was wrong."  No such luck.  Yep....  We went!  I think I was more terrified than she was.  When I saw her next to me with just a little lap bar over her, climbing to the top of that first drop, the images that went through my head alone were enough to make me nauseous!

She walked right up, got right in, and as soon as they announced we were locked and loaded, ready to go, she turned to me and her face turned to terror.  She started bawling and everyone turned to look at us.  I was like, "I promise it was her idea!  I am not making her do it!"  She bawled all the way to the top and through probably the first half of the ride, until I turned it into a "who can scream the loudest?" contest and she calmed down a bit.  After it was over she turned to me and said, "Mom, I don't feel so good."  I said, "I don't either... let's go sit down somewhere!"  I was just relieved she didn't fly out!

After that it was time to swim with some dolphins! What an incredible thing to experience with my baby girl. We pet them, kissed them, hand fed them, did commands to make them do tricks, danced with them.... I got to swim out into the deep part of their habitat and command one to dive down and then talk to us, Chloe got to command one to splash with his tail.... Very cool. We both cried afterwards.

What an amazing day!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Conversations With a 6-Year-Old: Motivational Speaker

Chloe, trying to motivate me to get out of bed this morning:

CHLOE: You are strong! You are worthy!

ME: Ooh, I like that! Where'd you hear that?

CHLOE: I just made it up.

I have a future motivational speaker on my hands over here, folks!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Happy 6th Birthday, Chloe!

Chloe's actual birthday was June 30th, but we had to have her big birthday party later due to the timing of our vacation and the 4th of July.

On her actual birthday we went to the water park and then did a family dinner at Gattiland, per her request:

And of course she got to open her birthday gift (experience, per tradition) from me!

She is super excited!

She had a Pokemon themed birthday party, so I got to make another fun cake (also per tradition)!

She had fun opening her presents...

...and SWIMMING!  It gave her a chance to really have some fun with that new waterproof camera Grandma and Grandpa K gave her!

And of course you can't forget her boyfriend Mason!


Our friends Katie and Ashlyn came to visit for the weekend so they could come to the party, so we busted out the water balloons...

...and the girls played Just Dance on the XBOX (yes, Katie and me included):

Chase went to a friend's house one night, so we just had to have a girls nite!  We decided to hit the water park for family night, where they had fireworks!  We got the girls to go down water slides with us, and when Katie and I teamed up on a double tube there was no stopping us... literally!  We were going so fast we crashed into the end of the pool and Katie catapulted out of the front of the tube!  Luckly we're tough and everyone survived.  The girls were completely oblivious.  Haha!

Before Katie and Ashlyn left, the girls headed to Charming Charlie's, where my little birthday diva just had to model some accessories for me:

Six?  Really??  *sigh*

Friday, July 8, 2016

Kitchen (Mini) Makeover!

Since moving into my house 3 years ago, I have been slowly painting every room.  One painting project that has been on my list since I moved in was my kitchen cabinets.  I had been putting it off because of the size of the project, but it was time to tackle it!

Chloe helped:

And here are the results!





It's so much brighter and fresher!  I love it!

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