Thursday, January 15, 2015

Chase's Color Fun Fest 5K

For Chase's Birthday experience this year I signed us up for the Color Fun Fest 5K, since he has really enjoyed running with me. We "trained" over Christmas break a little (not as much as I had hoped because it was cold and we were apart for a whole week).

He was so cute.  He was actually nervous about the race as we were driving there!  But once we got there he was fine.

At the pre-race "party" we got covered in color, and Chase had a great time throwing his color packet on me!

We were even captured by the Color Fun Fest photographer and appeared on their Facebook page!

Afterwards we headed to the starting line!

He was such a trooper!  We only stopped to walk a few times, and every time I suggested we start running again he was right there ready to go.  Once you could see the finish line in the distance I said, "OK, Chase....  We are going to run all the way to the finish line now without stopping."  He looked at me, kind of skeptical, but I assured him we could do it.  So we started running, and after a little while he started going, "I don't know, Mom... I'm getting tired."  I kept encouraging him (and myself... who are we kidding?  I wanted to die, too!) and once we got closer he was like, "Mom!  I think we're gonna do it!  We're gonna make it!"  And we did.  He was so excited to cross that finish line.  I asked someone there to take our picture and when I saw it afterward my heart was so full of joy.  I mean, look at that genuine excitement over what he just accomplished:

It was such a cool experience.  It was my first 5K, too, and I was so proud that I got to do that with him.  I love my boy!


Monday, January 5, 2015

Michigan Adventure

A couple days before my parents drove down to Texas for Christmas I got a call from my mom, who had a proposition for me. My dad got an opportunity to fly someone's new plane back from Texas to Michigan after Christmas, so she needed a driving companion. Since I hadn't been home in 4 years and the kids were going to be in Florida with their dad, anyway, the timing couldn't have been more perfect for a little road trip!

First we had to drive to Amarillo, where the plane was, and see Dad off:

And then the girls hit the road!

Within the first 20 minutes of our mother/daughter trip we had to make 3 stops for photos.  I took some shots and I know Mom got way cooler ones (considering she not only has a real camera... and skill, she actually got out of the car in the freezing cold!  Now that is dedication to your craft!)  Anyway, here are mine:


I got a really cool one as we were flying down the highway, too (don't worry... Mom was driving at the time)!

We had some fun pit stops for lunch/dinner, where we posted Facebook status updates:


...and we entertained ourselves with showtunes!!!!  

(I bet Dad was glad he was in the air!)

When I arrived back in my hometown, there were some things that just had to be done.  Like, see friends!  I got to have a quick breakfast with Janet (who I hadn't seen in over 4 years)...

...and a quick lunch with Krista (who I hadn't seen since the last time I was home 4 years ago)...

...and of course we had to make room for...


Then the parents and I had a kickin' New Years Eve party:


We also hosted a big breakfast with most of my step-family, but we didn't take a photo!  WHAT?!?  I have no idea how that happened.  :(

After all that reunion time, I rented a car and drove to Chicago to see my fabulous friend Nicole.  I was really excited to see her, but I didn't expect the tears when I saw this sign:

It was weird being back.  So many memories.  Some good, some bad....  It was a mix of emotions that caught me off guard!

Regardless, I got to spend time with Nicole.  We played with her kids, we ate (and we ate well!), we drank wine, we bought shoes (of course)!!  But apparently we were too busy talking to notice we didn't get any pictures, either.  I guess that just means we'll have to see each other again soon!

It was a cool little last-minute trip.  It was fun road tripping with my mom and getting some quality mother/daughter time in, it was great seeing friends and family I hadn't seen in awhile, and it was fun just getting away.  Let's face it... if the trip hadn't come up I would have spent way too much time on my couch eating all the Christmas treats I got from my students!

Happy New Year!


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