Monday, September 14, 2015

Girl Time

Chase has a best friend in the neighborhood and they do sleepovers whenever they can.  These opportunities give Chloe and I a chance to have some girl time!  When Chase's friend comes here, they do a pretty good job of including the little sister...

...but when they dive into their video game worlds it's our time!

Last weekend Chase spent the night at his friend's house, so Chloe and I had the house to ourselves.  We decided to go out to dinner and then the mall, where we bought some clothes, and had fun trying on some new glasses:

Chloe decided she wanted to get "Sealy" instead of the cool USA glasses...

...which worked out well because the next day she won some shades with an Instant Winner sticker at the HEB Buddy Bucks machine (which Sealy rocks, too)!

And of course no girls nite is complete without a follow-up girls morning at Dunkin Donuts!

Girl Time ROCKS!!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Conversations With a 5-Year-Old: Do You Wanna Build a Fort?

Today was a lazy day at our house.  Chase was playing video games, Chloe was playing in her room, and Mom was playing on her phone.  Suddenly Chloe comes in...
CHLOE: Hey, Mom!  Wanna build a fort? 
MOM (feeling lazy): *sigh* I don't really wanna build a fort.... 
CHLOE:  You don't think you can do it? All you have to do is believe in yourself!
Who can argue with that?

So I followed her to her room and apparently she had been trying to make a fort on her own, but something was missing:

Hahahaha!!  We always use books to anchor the blankets down.  She just forgot the blankets!  Man, I love this girl.

Conversations With a 5-Year-Old: Banana Butts

Chloe doesn't like the "butt" of the banana. You know... that little part at the bottom with a tiny bit of brown in it. Well sometimes she and I split a banana, and when I cut it in half I take the butt end and give her the "head." Today at dinner she was about to eat her half and we had the following conversation:
CHLOE: Mom, did you give me the butt?  
MOM: No, baby. Mommy loves you so much I always eat the butt for you.  
CHLOE: Oh, good. You're my BUTT-ler!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mom's New Toy

I got a new toy!  I have been going to the gym for years to work out on the elliptical, and now that I am teaching... and directing shows... and going to school... and doing a principal practicum... and an action research project... and being a mom....  Yeah.  It was time to just put one in my house.

I have never been so excited about exercise in my LIFE.

The day it came I got my FedEx delivery notification and did a happy dance... til I got home and realized I was going to have to somehow get it into my house by myself:


Then I had to get it upstairs.  I did have offers to help but I wanted it done RIGHT. THEN.

So I hauled them up there myself....

Yeah.  I did that.

And I just COULD. NOT. WAIT.  I had to put it together that night as well.  Chloe fell in love with it instantly!

She actually did the machine for 25 minutes until I made her get off to take a bath!

I have to admit I love it too, and I am using it in the mornings!  Yes, this non-morning person is actually setting her alarm early to do the elliptical in the mornings.  Not quite sure who I am right now, but this is saving me serious gym time!  It is going to help with my mental sanity this year, for sure!

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