Thursday, November 30, 2006

Pregnancy Update (36 wks)

Had another appointment yesterday. Everything still looks pretty good. Belly measured 38 cm, baby's heartbeat was 140. I'm having some swelling (especially in my feet!) and my blood pressure is a little high, but nothing to be too concerned about at this point. We have a baby shower tonight at Brian's office, so that will be fun!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Happy Birthday, Mr. Mom!

Happy 29th Birthday to Brian! It is now official: Brian will be staying home after the little bean is born. He is leaving his job at the DeKalb County Youth Service Bureau to take care of our little guy and work on his dissertation. He won't be completely out of the work force, though, as he has been asked to teach a couple evening/weekend classes at some area colleges next semester. But it will at least give him more time to work on that dissertation and get done with his doctorate... and will save us from having to send the little bean to a full-time day care for a year or so! I'll just have to work hard on not becoming TOO jealous when I have to go back to work after my maternity leave! ;)

Monday, November 27, 2006

The Countdown Begins!

Well, we are now officially less than 1 month away from our due date.

Brian's parents were in town for Thanksgiving and we had a great dinner, prepared by Brian (I made dessert!), and then shopped til we dropped (almost literally!) Thursday night (the outlet mall had a midnight sale!), all day Friday (in Oak Brook) and all day Saturday (downtown Chicago). Needless to say I can barely move now, but it was worth it!

Elmer and Sheila helped us put our Christmas tree up this weekend and we spent yesterday decorating it and putting up most of our decorations, so we are all decked out for the holidays and excited for them to come! Not much longer! Is everyone ready?!?

Pregnancy Update (36 wks)

Had another appointment on Friday. Everything looks good. Belly measured 37 cm, baby's heartbeat was 132. He's head down and things are progressing!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. We are having Turkey Day at our house with Brian's parents (it's a little too close to our due date for comfort to go out of town)! Brian is in charge of the feast and is very excited to host the holiday. I'm in charge of dessert.... Gobble, gobble!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Pregnancy Update (34 wks)

Had another doctor's appointment today. Belly measured 35 cm, the Little Bean's heartbeat was around 140. Everything looks good!

Monday, November 6, 2006

Pregnancy Update (33 wks)

We had our last ultrasound on Friday and it was incredible! The little bean was super active so we got to see him moving all over the place. He was busy sucking on his fingers (at one point he had his whole hand in his mouth!) and grabbing his toes. The tech put his face in 3D for us which was amazing. We think he has Brian's nose and my lips. He was so cute! He weighed in at 4 1/2 lbs, which is in the 41st percentile, so that's really good. If I go full term he should be about 8 lbs. His heartbeat when we first checked in with him was 170 because he was so active. By the time the tech was done it was down to 140. Everything looks fantastic, so we are thrilled. We also got a third confirmation that it's definitely a boy, so we finally took the tags off all those adorable little boy outfits we have! I'll post ultrasound pics soon!

We also had our childbirth class on Saturday, which was really good. We are feeling much more prepared and it's starting to hit home that it's actually going to happen... we're going to have a baby (Omigoodness)!!

(For all ultrasound photos, click here.)

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