Saturday, April 27, 2013

Conversations With a 2-Year-Old: Interior Decorating

(Chloe is coloring in her coloring book at the table.) 

CHLOE: Mom, can I color on the floor?

MOM: Sure.

CHLOE: Yay!! (Runs to dining room and sits on the floor with her crayon... and nothing else. The world goes slow-motion as she lowers her crayon to the floor....) 

MOM: NOOOOOO!!!!! We don't color on the floor! 

CHLOE: (Matter-of-factly) Yes, we do.

I guess I did tell her she could.... (I'm glad I was watching!)


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Baseball Season

It's time for baseball! Chase has provided some interesting entertainment during practices.  Here's a video of him showing off some new dance moves from the pitcher's mound (click on the thumbnail to view the video):

 video 0320131903_zpsf2553da6.mp4

Friday was his first game.  His first time up to bat he missed the first two pitches...

...but got a hit on the third!

Chloe kept us busy in the stands, as usual:

Summer is coming!!


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