Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Welcome to the World, Baby Girl!

Chloe Elizabeth was born at 2:26am this morning. Stats: 6lb 11oz, 19 3/4" long.  My water broke at home around 9:45pm last night and she was born less than 5 hours later.  It all happened so fast!  We'll post more photos as soon as we can!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Conversations With a 3-Year-Old: Mr. Princess

I just have to comment on some of my son's recent "daughter-y" habits. It's like he's training me for life with a girl!

Chase's favorite color right now is pink. Ask him what color he wants of anything and he wants pink. No problem! But then we went to Wal-Mart to get him a new toothbrush. I suggested a battery-powered one to make teeth brushing more fun.

Me: What about the Thomas one? Ooh, or Diego?
Chase: Ooh, I want that one!
Me: Which one?
Chase: The pink one!

The pink one was Hello, Kitty. Now, I was going to get it for him. I sighed, but I would have gotten it for him. Luckily for Brian he saw Spiderman right before we pulled the cart out of the aisle and he decided he needed that one instead.

A couple days later as I was drying my hair he decided he wanted to play with my barrettes. No problem. He's into stuff. He's 3! But then he wanted to put them in my hair. So of course I let him. But when he was done I said I had to take them out and he was not happy about it. So we compromised and he said I could take a picture of it so I could remember his work fondly (this is an aerial view):

A couple days later we were at Target and I decided it would be fun for him to have his own hospital bag with some activities, etc. to entertain him when the baby comes and my mom brings him to the hospital. We talked about how Mommy and the baby have a hospital bag, and now he will have one, too! He was all excited and we headed to the backpacks so he could pick one out.

Me: Ooh, what about Thomas? Or Diego?
Chase: I want that one!
Me: Which one?
Chase: The princess one!

I couldn't do it. I wanted to. I wanted to let him be who he was and express himself however he wanted to, but the image of him carrying around a Princess backpack was too much. I steered him toward the Diego one (because it rolled and that is way cooler!) and Brian thanked me when we got home.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fun With Grandma

As I said in my first post of the day (check out the previous post if you haven't already), my mom is in town and Chase is having lots of fun with Grandma.  After finishing his homework...

...we went outside to get rid of some spiderwebs (one of Chase's new favorite activities):

Then we had fun with bubbles!

More fun is sure to come with lots of grandparent visits this summer!

Baby's Room

I am finally getting around to posting baby room and baby belly photos!  I killed two birds with one stone here.  These were taken this morning (38 weeks pregnant).  I think we are ready!  Brian is leaving to go to a conference tomorrow in Dallas, so we are hoping the baby holds tight until he gets back.  My mom is here with me, though, just in case!

We'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Hats

Chase made an interesting fashion statement the other day and convinced Daddy to join in the fun!

(Yes, it's underwear!)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Conversations With a 3-Year-Old: Singin' Fool

This isn't really a conversation, it's a song.  But whatever....  Here it is!

I sing to Chase pretty much every night.  I just find it funny that his favorites songs to sing himself are quite feminine.  For example, he likes "Shine On Harvest Moon," which is a pretty gender-neutral song until the very end.  I sing the last line, "So shine on, shine on harvest moon..." and then he jumps in enthusiastically for the last part: "for me and my guy!"

Well lately Chase has gotten a little bored with the same old songs, so he is always asking for new ones.  I'm starting to run out of songs!  So I will occasionally whip out whatever musical theatre song jumps into my head at that moment.  One night I chose the song "Oh Diogenes," which is a song I had to learn for my Musical Theatre class in college.  This one he loves and he will sing it with me in its entirety... at the top of his lungs... with as much gusto as he can possibly muster:

Oh, Diogenes, find a man who's honest.
Oh, Diogenes, wrap him up for me!
Oh, Diogenes, find a man who's solid, stolid.
Hook that fish, if he's in the sea!

Hunt him, trail him, catch him, nail him if he is free!
Have you got your stick?  Have you got your lantern?
Can you do that trick and produce him, please?
Catch that fellow, ring that bell
Oh, Diogenes!

It makes me laugh every time!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Holiday Daze

Happy (belated) Father's Day to Brian, and Happy Anniversary to us!  7 years of marriage....  I can't believe I have put up with him for this long (okay, okay... and vice versa)!

For Father's Day yesterday, Brian worked on the lawn (I told him he didn't have to, but he insisted!), then we all went swimming and out to dinner.

For our Anniversary we went to our weekly doctor's appointment (tomorrow I'll be 2 weeks from my due date, people!), then Brian went to work all day (he'll be home around 9:30 tonight) and I scrubbed the bathrooms.  What a celebration, huh?!?  Ha ha!  We have plans to go out to celebrate Sunday night, provided Baby Two doesn't decide to make her appearance before then!  We'll keep you posted.  :)

P.S. This is my second post of the day.  Check out the previous post if you haven't already!

Let the Homework Begin!

Chase moved up to the 3-Year-Old classroom at daycare earlier this month and he now has homework! We did our first homework assignment together tonight, so I thought I would share!

My baby is growing up!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Conversations With a 3-Year-Old: Potty Mouth

Chase and I read a book today that we don't normally read. In the book he has to identify various shapes, and in the very front of the book it has a picture of all the shapes and what they are called. When we got to the "moon" shape Chase called it a moon and I said, "Yes, but it's also a crescent." We practiced saying "crescent" a few times and we were good to go.

On the last page of the story we encountered our first moon.

Me: What is the shape of the moon?

Chase: Ummmmm....

Me: Remember what we called it? (Sounding it out slowly to prompt him) C... Cr....

Chase: CRAP!

I lost it. I honestly didn't have time to even think about holding it in. I laughed so hard I thought I would pee my pants. Of course then Chase saw how hilarious it was and every other word he said was, "crap." I pulled myself together a bit and said, "Chase, we don't say that word. It's not nice." We continued reading and things calmed down, but then as we read I would just think about it and start laughing again (trying to hold it in, of course). Chase always knew what I was laughing about because as soon as I started giggling he would look at me and say, "Crap, crap, crap!" Then we read a book with music in it and he started singing with me, throwing in the word "crap" randomly throughout the songs.

He was so proud of himself.

P.S. See my previous post if you haven't already!

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