Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring Break with the Grandparents!

My parents came down to visit for Spring Break this year!  We had tons of fun.

My kids managed to rope my mom into playing board games, despite the fact she usually hates them!

She kicked our butts (or as Chase so eloquently put it, "Grandma murdered us!"):

So we were forced to bow down to the almighty game goddess:

We ate at a couple restaurants where the kids could feed some turtles and fish:


We also ate at the kids' favorite movie theatre (and eatery), Flix Brewhouse:

I had to introduce them all (kids included!) to the rodeo!


Grandpa found a small airport down here with amazing flight simulators the kids could do with him, and they loved it!

We went downtown for a night and saw the famous Congress Bridge bats:

And of course the kids had to spend time at the hotel pool!

We also had to check out the graffiti park:

Yes, the kids and I climbed it, which was a challenge... but they hung in there!

I had been there once before, and in my experience anyone could spray paint something, so I sprayed the kids' names on a wall and was quickly reprimanded.  Apparently it was "artists weekend" (or something along those lines) and I was instructed to let people paint who actually knew what they were doing!



The kids found this fun little Pokemon gem and had to get a picture with it, due to their current obsession:

While we were downtown the kids had to introduce Grandma and Grandpa to VooDoo Donuts!


We had a really great time, and the kids (and I) were really sad to see them go....

Thanks for coming, Grandma and Grandpa!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Zilker Park Kite Festival

We checked out the kite festival for the first time ever this year, with some friends.  The kids had fun with activities like hula hoops and jump ropes... well as kites, of course!


Thanks, HEB, for the very challenging free kites!

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