Friday, June 30, 2006

June Summary

The big news this month: We're having a baby! But we were also saddened this month with the passing of Brian's Grandma K. While it was a sad occasion, it did bring family together again. On a lighter note, Brian was offered and accepted a job teaching his first college-level class in the fall at NIU. It's a junior/senior Bachelor's level Counseling class, which will be a hefty addition to his resume (for kicks, click here, type our last name in the instructor box at the bottom right-hand corner, then click "Find Course")!

Monday, June 19, 2006


I'm 13 weeks pregnant and we're going public this week! I'm now in my second trimester and it feels GREAT to finally be able to share our excitement with our family and friends!

Here's what's been going on up to this point:

05/01/06 (6 wks) - I called in sick for the first time since I started working at Wausau 2 1/2 years ago. I took a pregnancy test that afternoon and could hardly believe my eyes.... That actually WORKS?!? I called Brian at work and he could hardly believe it, either. Even though we had been trying it just didn't seem real. Our own calculated due date: Christmas Eve.

05/08/06 (7 wks) - First doctor's appointment. Pretty uneventful appointment until they said they were going to take my blood and I turned white. Brian came with me and held my hand. His poor hand had fingernail marks in it when I finally let go (I told him he better get used to it)!

05/10/06 (7 wks) - Got all the lab test results back from my first appointment and everything looks good!

05/12/06 (7 wks) - First (early) ultrasound (see photo above)! We were foggy on my timeline so wanted to make sure I wasn't more pregnant that we thought. Turns out we were right on... 8 weeks, give or take a couple days. It looks like a tiny little bean at this point. We also heard the heartbeat (162 - normal) which was SO cool! It made it much more real for both of us. I got sick afterwards (not an unusual occurrence these days, as I am struggling with "morning, noon and night sickness")!

05/14/06 (8 wks) - Happy Mother's Day to Me!

05/15/06 (8 wks) - Baby is nicknamed the "Little Bean!"

06/08/06 (11 wks) - 2nd doctor's appointment. More blood tests (and more fingernail marks in Brian's hand)! We got to listen to the baby's heartbeat again (174 - normal).... It's just so fast and cute! Also got the doctor's official due date based on our early ultrasound: December 22nd.

06/10/06 (11wks) - Happy Birthday to Little Bean's Mommy (and Grandmommy)! Brian and I strolled through Babies R Us to price furniture and see what we were in for, and while we were there a store employee approached Brian and asked if he wanted to participate in Daddy Olympics. To my surprise he said, "why not?" He was entered in a race to chug a baby bottle full of water. Well all that beer chugging in college must have done my hubby some good because he was the champion! He won a bib that says, "My Dad Rulz!" I'm so proud....

06/11/06 (12 wks) - My show ("All in the Timing" at Steel Beam Theatre) is now over. I can't believe I got through it without throwing up on anyone.

06/18/06 (13 wks) - Happy Father's Day to Brian!

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