Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Around We Go!

Chase got a new toy from his Grandpa W right before we left for California, so when we got back we put it together kind of as a reward for being such a trooper on the trip. :)

Anyway, the toy is kind of a walker where the walking part revolves around an activity table. I managed to capture on video the first time Chase discovered he could MOVE. His facial expressions are priceless (you don't need to view this with sound... the face says it all)!


Brian and Becky said...

I've seen those - they look so fun!

Unknown said...

Surprise! what a face! Hope he enjoys his new toy!

Christine said...

He LOVES that thing!!

Liza Jane said...

Wow - I think we have some crazy link between us because Liam has the same toy! We absolutely love it (because he loves it). Check out the "face down" entry on my blog. Liam now runs laps, which is hilarious and has given him really buff legs! I think he'll be a runner like his parents.

Christine said...

It's no coincidence, Liza! Brian's dad wanted to get Chase some sort of walker and I said, "I saw this cool thing on a friend's blog..." and that friend was you! That post of him asleep made me laugh so hard! Anyway, Chase has started doing laps in it, too. But unlike you guys we are hoping Chase DOESN'T get our running (in)abilities! ;)

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