Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pink Eye

Brian is battling his first ever case of pink eye....  And it is BAD.  I've had pink eye before, but nothing like what he is going through.  The poor guy can hardly see, he is super sensitive to light and he feels stabbing pain, not just annoying itchiness stuff.  We took him to an Urgent Care on Sunday and it's a viral infection, so there's nothing they can do to treat it.  He has a prescription to protect his eyes but nothing to cure it.

With his sensitivity to light and the fact that my stubborn husband still tried to work this week, I bought him a pair of sunglasses for the car.  Last night I walked around the corner to see him sporting his new style on the couch:

I had to BEG him to take this picture, but he was a sport... until the flash went off and he screamed out in pain, anyway!

Get better soon, honey (and don't you dare give it to me)!!

1 comment:

Sandy K. said...

Get well, Brian. It sounds as if you've had a nasty time of it!

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