Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cookies for Santa

Today Chase and I made cookies for Santa.  Mom, you will be so proud of me....  I did not use the pre-made Pillsbury cookie dough this time!

I got a mix.

OK, OK, I know it is not the same as your homemade cookies, but I did have to mix in an egg, butter and a tablespoon of flour, and then I had to stir it.  So it was closer to the "real deal" than last time!

And I even took frosting a step further this time.  I still used a can (like last time - part 2)...

...but I added food coloring to spice things up a bit!  That also required stirring.  Phew!  What a workout!

Anyway, here are our masterpieces:

He picked out two for Santa and I guess he and I will be picking at the rest of them over the next day or so. Great. And I just got back into my pre-pregnancy pants!


Sandy K. said...

Okay, so it's a good thing he's coming to grandma and grandpa's so he can make the real deal. Carolyn Kamees' kids remember coming here and making "real" cookies for the first time. My reputation is stellar:)

Holly said...

Haha! Too funny! I grabbed the frozen dough already cut into shapes from Gordon's Food Service. We baked them,slapped white frosting on them, and threw some spinkles on top! But Noel was happy with them.

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