Friday, February 7, 2014

Snow Day

A horrible snow storm hit Texas today:

OK, I'm being sarcastic.  Being from the north this will never get less funny to me.  Anyway.... There was a layer of ice under there which made it worse than it looks, but still....

The kids were super excited to make snowmen, and I was so sad to break it to them that it just wasn't going to happen.  The snow was hard with ice crystals.  We ended up sweeping as much dust as we could into piles...

...and then pressing it together to make dusty snowballs:

They lasted longer than I thought they would outside, but then we headed in for hot chocolate:

Chloe decided it was a good day to name all the horses in her stable:

Ha ha!  Gotta love Texas weather!  More photos of our day are in our Photo Album if you're interested!


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