Tuesday, July 15, 2008

10 Things We've Learned About Texas

DISCLAIMER: Texas is a huge state. We are very well aware not all areas here are the same. These are just a few things we have learned about the area where we are living.

  1. Never leave your chapstick in the car.
  2. Never leave your plastic ID badge in the cup holder of your car... unless you want it to take the shape of a cup holder.
  3. If you want your cup holder-shaped ID badge to be flat again, leave it lying on your car's armrest for a few hours while you're in class.
  4. Car seat buckles get hot really fast (Chase oh-so-delicately informed me of this fact).
  5. There are deer EVERYWHERE. It's only be a matter of time before you read a blog post here titled "I Finally Hit One" (or "One Finally Hit Me").
  6. There's a whole lot of testosterone down here... especially on the road!
  7. People eat squirrels. By choice.
  8. People eat squirrels. BY CHOICE!
  9. You remember ice cream trucks? We have those... in addition to taco trucks.
  10. All the spiders I have encountered here are furry. Furry!!!!

That's it for now! I'm sure there will be more....


monica said...

I'm kind of jealous of the taco truck. It'd be awesome to have dinner delivered to you at the curb in front of your house every now and then.

Eating squirrels is just not acceptable...gross! I hope you never post on here that you decided to try it ;)

Christine said...

I learned about the squirrels from a set of twins in one of my classes (they shoot them, skin them and all). Last semester we took turns bringing lunch for everyone in our group and they talked about bringing it in one day. I was like, "Ummmm.... I don't think I can do that." Luckily they changed their minds. PHEW!

Anonymous said...

We have an ice cream truck here too. But it skips my block so if we want some mommy has to run 2 blocks to get it. Thank GOD I haven't seen a furry spider.

Unknown said...

So if an ice cream truck plays kiddie music, does the Taco Truck play mariachi music? haha!

Ok..you grew up in Michigan, right? And you've never hit a deer here? C'mon! We almost died once in college, right near Alma when a deer ran out in front of me! Scariest moment ever!

OH and poor Chase and the hot seat belt! Sarah almost burnt her hand on a hot slide at the park yesterday! Thank god she didn't slide down it or she'd have blisters on her little legs!

Christine said...

It is indeed a miracle I have never hit a deer in Michigan. I became a master deer spotter! I'm sure that's what's keeping me alive here. But it's way more hilly here so winding roads are killer.

Sandy K. said...

During our travels I have been very glad the only thing we do have to hit in Michigan is a deer. In Colorado, Wyoming, etc. they hit elk and buffalo! Talk about totalling your life! Dad and I have come close a couple of times (to hitting deer) at home, and knicked the back end of one once, but have fortunately not had the experience of hitting one head on. Dad has a story about an Alma pilot who hit a bird (probably a goose) while flying. It went through the windshield! No one hurt, but talk about a scary experience!

MoJones4205 said...

Welcome to the South. I should have forwarned you about the heat. We've adjusted quite well and you will too. I'd take fuzzy spiders over lizards that some how get in your house and dart across your kitchen floor. Did I mention they bite? Yuck.

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