Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Football Game!

I picked Chase up earlier than usual from daycare yesterday. His teachers were shocked when I got there so I told them we were going to a football game. Chase's response: "Football game! Football game! Football game!" All the way to the car.

We went to my middle school's 7th grade football game last night, just the two of us (Brian had to teach). It was a lot of fun! While we were there my "classroom neighbor" got this shot of some of us teachers in the stands.

I think Chase got into the cheerleaders more than the game, but that's OK. As one of my students said in response to that today, "Well, the cheerleaders are hotter!" Oh, lord.


Anonymous said...

Don't be alarmed about the cheerleader thing. Noel liked them more, too. I think it's cuz they are closer and louder than the football players. I'm sure Chase will love the players in a few years. Then a few years later he'll be back to liking the cheerleaders better because, well, they are hotter! So glad you had a good time at the game. I'm sure your students were happy that you were there.

Sandy K. said...

How are taking your son to sporting events. That's very cool, and I'm sure Brian thinks it's great, too:).

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