Monday, November 3, 2008

Our Little Monster

I know, I know.... It has taken me longer than I would have liked to post Chase's Halloween costume photos. Chase LOVED his costume. After we bought it he wanted to wear it all the time! We finally hid it so he wouldn't wear it out it before Halloween. Here is a decent full-body shot:

We went trick-or-treating to a few houses and it turns out it was a good way for Mom to meet the neighbors! We stopped and chatted at every house we stopped at, which explains why it took us over an hour to go to 3 houses! At the last house Chase just popped a squat on the curb while I chatted away. What a sport!

Chase did say "Trick or Treat" a couple times and loved waiting for people to come to the door after we rang the bell. And he was such a polite boy.... After each person gave him candy he said, "Thank you! Bye Bye!" (with prompting, of course). That's our sweet little monster!

More photos have been posted in our Photo Album if you're interested!


Unknown said...

So adorable!!! Love his costume!

Anonymous said...

Way too cute!!! I can't wait to meet him! Let's plan a get together since we are state neighbors now! After the crazy holidays I'm going to invite Chris and I to your new house! :)

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