Sunday, November 9, 2008

"Wilderness" Living

Mom and Dad, this post is for you.

We are introducing Chase to wildlife down here. Here are a couple photos Brian took (from inside the house) while he and Chase were having breakfast yesterday morning (it was my day to sleep in so I missed it). The iron bars you see on the bottom of the photos are our back porch.


Unknown said...

Wow - that's a decent size buck - looks like a 4-6 point! I had no idea that deer were so common in Texas! We've seen lots of does in our yard over the years, but never a buck...

what did Chase think?

Christine said...

He has seen deer before and likes them. Brian said after the deer left he said, "Come back, deer!"

Anonymous said...

That's a bigger buck than we have here. When I come down at Christmas I'll bring my gun!! Just kidding!!



Christine said...

Dad, Brian said if the deer don't stop eating our brand new bushes you can!!

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