Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kids Arts and Culture Day

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the CAC Kids Art and Culture Day. Chase enjoyed the mini petting zoo with Dad...

...despite the fact it was really crowded:

Then he rode the train with Mom:

After the train ride he spotted one of his favorite things these days: A fire truck!!

The nice fire fighter let him sit up front as he explained what all the buttons were:

He also thought the big wheels were pretty cool, especially since he could see his reflection (one of his new favorite words):

After that we played with sidewalk chalk...

...and tried some cotton candy for the first time:

Our final stop was the Biscuit Brothers concert, where it finally kicked in for Chase that he hadn't napped that afternoon:

We had to leave the concert early, but it was still a fun day overall. Chase slept all the way home.

More photos of our day are in our Photo Album if you're interested!

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