Monday, August 23, 2010

End-of-Summer Fun

Well, today was my first day back at work with students. We celebrated our last summer weekend indoors, since it was 104 degrees outside! We went to the children's museum at Baylor University. They had a special Lego exhibit, which was cool. Chase had a fun time making a big Lego tower with Daddy.

Here is a fun photo of him trying to hear the ocean in a giant shell:

This was the extent of Chloe's fun:

More photos coming soon to our Photo Album!

Happy Back to School (I start my Texas A&M class next week myself)!


Unknown said...

I go back to work Wednesday. :-( Teaching and a class and a new baby? Super Mom! I took 2 classes this summer and am glad to have them out of the way for the school year!

Sandy K. said...

What fun to have such wonderful places to take the kids. Chloe looks like she had a wonderful time, too:). I'm looking forward to some smiley pics of her.

I'm teaching my first class Friday, and have had a couple of meetings. It's kind-of good to get back in the routine.

What class are you taking?

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