Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring Break

We had a lot of fun on Spring Break this year!  The big thing we did was take a ride on the Austin Steam Train!  Chase had his classroom "pet," Hooie, with him all week.  He was instructed to take him on adventures and document his journey with pictures and journal entries.

We went on a little adventure through the entire train and this was a fun find!

Hooie almost got left behind at a restaurant where we stopped, but we remembered just in time and were able to rescue him before the train departed.  Phew!

Other than that, Chloe helped me in the kitchen this week...

...and both kids helped me paint!  It was time to paint all the trim and doors in the upstairs hall/living area this time.

We also took Hooie to see "Cinderella."  This picture was taken before the movie, while all the old versions played on screen:

Looks like Hooie had a good week... and so did we!


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