Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hoppy Easter!

The kids and I had a lot of fun with Easter this year.  First of all, when we found out the church hadn't planned an egg hunt for the kids, we volunteered to go to the church last week to stuff some eggs for the kids ourselves.  On our way out, we had to take a picture in the bluebonnets that have just popped up around Austin!

That inspired us to stop at another great spot on the way home for more photos!

The next night we went to a flashlight egg hunt!  We went last year, too, and it was so much fun we had to do it again!

The next night Chase has a sleepover at his friend's house, so Chloe and I took the opportunity to have our own girls nite full of things we like to do together, like bake!  We decided to make treats to bring to the church Sunday for all to enjoy...

Voila!  Birds nests!

The next morning we went to our neighborhood's egg hunt, where Chloe made out like a bandit!

After picking up Chase, we had to make our Easter eggs!

That night we headed to Hat Creek Burger's family night, where they had a petting zoo, an obligatory creepy Easter Bunny, and a clown that made the kids balloon pirate swords!

Chase's popped in the car out of nowhere while it was just sitting there on the passenger seat right next to me... which scared me to death and drove him to tears (not because he thought we were going to die - like I did... but because it wasn't fair his sword popped and Chloe's didn't).  *sigh*  Thankfully we all survived.

When we got home we left our eggs, carrots and nice notes for the Easter Bunny.

You know, I feel really sorry for the Easter Bunny. What a stressful job! First of all, since environmentally conscious moms are now making their kids leave out their old eggs for him to recycle (OK, OK... or just moms that are tired of the ever-growing pile of plastic eggs they find all over the house... all year long!), he has to stuff them in the living room while the kids sleep (and trying to be silent while clicking plastic eggs around crinkly wrappers is no small feat, I'm sure)! On top of that, he then has to clomp all over the house with the new baby rattles he has just made, as they slam against each other in the basket... praying the light sleepers (*cough* CHLOE *cough cough*) don't roll over and catch him in the act. And to top it all off he has to be bitter he gets carrots while Santa gets cookies. Seriously. I bet he snitches chocolate while he's stuffing the eggs. It's the only possible way he's still sane.


They were thrilled the next morning to find some baskets of goodies...

...and had-written responses to their notes.

First, Chase's:

And Chloe's:

Chase was really excited that the Easter Bunny wrote just like him!  I'm sure that takes some of the pain out of the giant rabbit's non-dominant hand cramps.

Fun fact: I went to bed a little after midnight, and Chase said around 4:00am he got up, went downstairs to check his note, found nothing from the Easter Bunny, and returned to bed.  Chloe then said when she woke up a little after 7:00am she heard thumping downstairs.  Whoah.  Just.... WHOAH.

After their hunt was done they checked out their treasure.  Here is Chloe's booty:

When I told them it was going to torture me, they generously shared.  Here's my booty:

Hey, would you look at that!?  My booty has never looked smaller!

(I know my mom is shaking her head at me right now....)

The kids went to their dad's after church and I am left laughing because the Easter Bunny apparently had a lot of fun hiding eggs this year, so there are still quite a few left to be discovered over here.  Hee hee hee!

Hoppy Easter!


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