Sunday, July 20, 2008

Big Kid

We love having a yard. Chase runs around out there a lot (especially since Daddy is constantly watering and we have to keep him company)! Yesterday the neighbors came out to play ball and Chase so badly wanted to join in with the big kids! He kept staring at them and saying, "Ball! Ball!"

Here's another cute photo of my "baby," who is starting to look a little like a "big" kid now (scary)!!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

wow! He is changing a lot! Isn't it sad to realize our 'babies' aren't really 'babies' anymore?

S&J love to run around our yard too! When our neighbor is there with his daughter and his girlfriend's kids, S&J will watch and watch and eventually get brave enough to walk over...always at the time the kids finally go in and there isn't anyone out to play with anymore! They wandered over there last weekend when no one was even home, looking for the big kids!

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