Sunday, February 5, 2017

Conversations with a 6-Year-Old: Tough Choices

Let me preface this post by saying Chloe requires a lot of entertaining. Chase can entertain himself for hours but Chloe is constantly seeking entertainment from others. This conversation follows a whole weekend of doing what she wanted to do.  I swear.
CHLOE: Mom, will you play soccer with me?  
MOM: (whining) Do I have to?? 
CHLOE: Please?!?  
MOM: Chloe, I really don't want to play soccer.  
CHLOE: But Mom! Soccer starts Tuesday and I'm not ready! I haven't practiced at all!  
MOM: Can't you practice tomorrow?  
CHLOE: (getting teary-eyed) But Mom! I have to get better! I really need to practice! 
MOM: (sigh) Chloe, I'm a terrible mom. 
CHLOE: Don't say that. 
MOM: No, really.  You want to practice so you can get better and that's exactly what you should do.  I should be encouraging that. 
CHLOE: Sooooo.... Can we play soccer? 
MOM: (sigh) Let's see....  If I say no, I'll be a terrible mother.  But if I say yes, I'll have to play soccer. 
CHLOE: Well....?? 
MOM: I'm trying to decide which is worse. 
CHLOE: Well you only have to play soccer for a little while.  You have to be a mother... FOREVER.
You guessed it, folks....

She won.

Edit 2/21/17: A few days after this post I found this in her backpack and it made me so proud:

Translation: "My goal is to get better at soccer.  That's why I just stand up again.  I am going to try my best."

She is my growth mindsetter!  So proud she is already learning the concept of getting back up again when you fall (fail).  One of my favorite quotes is, after all: "Fall down 7 times, Stand up 8."

Proud mom moment, definitely....

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