Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dancin' Fool

Chase and I attend a weekly Music Together class. It was recommended to me by a music teacher and at first I said, "Isn't he too young?" but the class is for kids from birth to age 5. We went to a free demo class to see what it was all about and Chase loved it so much I just couldn't help but sign us up for the 10-week session. So every Saturday morning Chase and I bond over music with other parents and their kids. It's really fun!

Of course dads are welcome, too. After our first class I called Brian to tell him all about it and he said, "You know what? That sounds pretty cool. I might like to come with you guys one time." I was like, "Oh, that would be so great! We would have so much fun! Are you serious?!?" to which he responded, "Uhhhh... NO!!!!"

What a poop.

Anyway, Chase's favorite part of the class is when they bring out the big bin of instruments. All the kids get to choose an instrument and jam along to a song (he is never a happy camper when he has to put his instrument away). At our last class it came time for this part and the teacher asked an older kid to get the instruments. Chase watched the kid walk across the room and as soon as the boy pulled the bin out of the closet my son yelled, "WHOAH!!!!" I almost peed my pants. That's my boy!

Anyway, they give you 2 CD's when you sign up of all the music used in the class and we play them at home and in the car for fun sometimes. Here's a little clip of him dancing to one of his favorite tunes at home:

Music Together is a national company with classes all over the place, so if you think your kid would love it as much as mine does, you can find a class near you on their website at www.musictogether.com.

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