Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday, Chase!

I can't believe it. Chase is FIVE. How did this happen? When he got up this morning he asked me to measure him because he was sure he grew taller overnight. We had a low-key birthday with a small cake and presents, because his big birthday bash is Sunday at the planetarium.

The face on this cake cracks me up.  I think it's me saying, "Seriously?  Five?!?  Omigod omigod omigod omigod...."  We bought it from Wal-Mart (Chase picked it out!) because I decided to save my traditional motherly baking duty for the big party Sunday (so check back then for pictures... and pray they turn out better than Chloe's did)!  I did have a little fun with trick candles, though, which turned out to be a hilarious hit!

After cake we opened presents.  He got a "huggy monster" from his Grandma K, which he loved...

...and Chloe loved!

She got her own this summer from her Aunt Julia, but apparently now she thinks she has TWO!  That's OK, because Chase plays with hers all the time, too.  Huggy Monsters are apparently very popular.

Anyway, the birthday festivities have just begun.  Check back in a couple days to find out how the big planetarium party went!

Happy Birthday, my little man!

Oh, and there are more pictures in our Photo Album if you're interested!

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Unknown said...

his giggle through all that is priceless!! Hope he had a great birthday! (and I'm totally with you on wondering how in the world our kids are 5 already!?!?!)

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