Monday, January 14, 2008

Quality Time

Brian had to teach a weekend class this weekend so Chase and I got to spend some quality time together. My parents also came back through on their way home from their trip out west so we got to spend a little time with them, too!

We got our first glimpse at a future with Chase walking on Saturday. He pulled up on a toy and it started sliding across our wood floor... and he followed it! I think he took about 5 steps that way. That was a first for us (we're sorry Daddy missed it)! It won't be too much longer now....

Yesterday Chase and I surprised Daddy by driving to meet him at the mall across the street from where he was teaching. We ate at the Rainforest Cafe, where we learned Chase loves coleslaw (random)! We have the hardest time getting him to eat his vegetables and then... coleslaw?? Eeewwwwww.... That stuff is so nasty!


Unknown said...

wow...coleslaw? that's a different one for a baby. :-) And Go, Chase, Go on the walking around! Sarah finally started walking today (I thought she'd have started months ago the way she's been running around with her little cart...) We'll see who's next...Chase or Jacob.

Jamie said...

My son Noah has some serious love for feta??? Go figure. Great blob and a beautiful boy.

Anonymous said...

Noel loved Brussel Sprouts when she was about the same age as Chase. She would eat like 9 at a time. Sometimes it would be all she would eat for her dinner or lunch. But now she won't touch them. She's NEVER liked coleslaw. Heidi and Heath used to call it "Coldslob." Fitting isn't it?

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