Saturday, June 13, 2009

A New Method

First of all, the answer to last night's question of how many times we put Chase back in bed:


But at least those 29 times were all before we went to bed! Thankfully he did not pull an all-nighter like he had the night before. Phew!

So nap time today was another adventure. I chased him around for about 3 1/2 hours. I will admit I was not as calm, cool and collected this time around... which is probably why he thought it was so fun. Lord help me, I tried. I really did. But the last time he walked out that door I snapped. I picked him up, grabbed his pillow and blanket and put him in time-out (which is a playpen we have set up in the spare bedroom). I walked away and he flipped out. I had no idea what my plan was, but I decided to figure it out after his 2 minute time-out allowance was up. In two minutes it was silent. I went up there and found this:

Hmmmmmm.... A new tactic? We'll see how tonight goes first. Wish us luck!


Sandy K. said...

Oh my gosh...parenting is such a challenge. I'm glad YOU took a time-out, too:). How innocent he looks!

Julia said...

You can try the trick that runs rampant in my family. Turn the doorknob around and lock him in. He'll scream I am sure, but that is way easier to ignore than chucky waking you up with a scream of death!!

MoJones4205 said...

I see my future in your post. We're going to transition Hayden to a big boy bed in a week or two and it's right across the hall. Oh boy. I am sure I'll have posts like this, but can't say that I'll be as patient as you! :)

Good luck!


Liza Jane said...

You have to keep me updated on if you figure things out for Chase! We're having the same problem with Liam. We lock him in his room (lately around 9:15 pm), and he usually falls asleep on the floor by his door. Liam is so cranky in the afternoon, we think due to his lack of sleep (he's up at 6 every morning!). Good luck!

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